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Hello, I would love for you to leave me a review (in the form below) regarding the session or sessions you have had with me. I also invite you to read some past reviews below.

My experience with Paula is that she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in a variety of cutting edge scientific concepts. She is therefore able to address specific and complex mechanics in the body which underlay many root causes of pain, immobility and dysfunction. Paula provides a variety of techniques based on each client's individualized needs. I can't wait to book another appointment!

Paula is very professional and thorough with her evaluation of your needs. Her therapeutic massage enabled my physical therapist to make much greater improvements. I am looking forward to more visits.

This was a good session. It is a key that has opened a door of possibility for renewed vigor. The touch was spot on.

I just wanted to say, that my massage was one of the best I have ever had done to me... It was just the right amount of pressure, everything about it was wonderful. I have had such back muscle problems for years now, and I have found no one to be able to make my back feel so good. I am coming in for more follow up massages to help get all the knots and tight muscles relaxed hopefully once and for all, or keep up with them anyways. I also had the Lymphatc Drainage done as well that day, and that was very nice as well, going to get that done some more to make sure it is all moved out, but my over all experience was wonderful, and Paula is so nice and really loves her job and loves to help people feel better is her goal which in my opinion is great...

My wife suggested & booked a massage for me to help with the continuous shoulder & neck pain I struggle with. Paula was able to help alleviate much of the discomfort as well as teach me preventative techniques. I look forward to the next session & would recommend Paula to anyone in need of relaxation or therapy.

My husband booked a massage session for me with Paula as an anniversary gift, and I encourage every man to do the same!Paula has hands of gold! I have never felt more comfortable and relaxed as much as I did after my massage session! The effect lasted for days after and I do plan on going back. What sets Paula apart is that she is very comfortable to talk to, she does her work on point and in time, the atmosphere at her office is amazing that I really doubt you would go to a spa ever after you go there one time!

I have been receiving deep tissue massages from Paula for the past several months. Living with ME/CFS for almost the past two years, she has helped to give my body some relief from the muscle pain and tightness. I always look forward to my sessions with her – she lends a wonderful ear and is also extremely altruistic in her suggestions on other practitioners that may be able to help with my condition. She genuinely cares about her line of work and her patients. Thank you :)

Paula's treatments have greatly improved my quality of life! With her knowledge and skill she has relieved pain in my arm that made it difficult to lift (even my coffee cup!), knee pain that made it dangerous for me to put my weight on the knee, especially on a step, stiffness in a finger that prevented me from making a fist, and now we are working on back pain. Already it has improved. She customizes each session to work on areas that are troublesome. I didn't know that massage could do all this, but Paula makes it happen. She is a gem!

I received a gift certificate for a massage as a Christmas gift and I was not disappointed! I left feeling like I was on cloud nine. In addition to her great personality, Paula was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

After using Groupon after Groupon trying to find a massage therapist in Toledo, I stumbled upon Paula's Groupon she offered, and have been her client ever since (now 4 years!!!) I have loved her consistency, and follow up on my troublesome spots. Her massages aren't only relaxing, but truly therapeutic for the body, mind, and soul! I look forward to my massage every month, and walk away feeling like a new person. I would recommend Paula to anyone! A wonderful massage therapist, but an even better person!

I've had major lymph blockage which also blocked proper functioning of many glands and organs. Through Paula's lymph massage and cranial sacral techniques, I have found amazing and documented healing. It is worth every mile I drive from Detroit area to experience an expert in her field assist in optimizing my body toward wellness. My sincere thanks, Paula.

Great therapeutic massage by Paula. I had some tingling in my legs which she focused on and haven't had issue since then. I will be back!

I have had massages before. This by far was the most rejuvenating. I told Paula where my aches, pains and problem areas were and with her technique and just the right pressure made me renewed. I would definitely recommend Paula to friend, family and strangers! Thank you for your service.

I found Paula in my search for a good Vodder- certified manual lymphatic drainage massage therapist for treatment of my POTS. She is THE BEST! She is clinically very knowledgeable, up to date, and attentive to detail.Her assessments are thorough and she modifies her technique over time to accommodate changes in clinical status to ensure the I recieve the most relevant and helpful massage each session. She checks in each time it find out the effects of the prior treatment , which makes every single treatment personalized for what I need that day. She is always on time, pleasant, caring,and her technique is amazing-it both feels good and is amazingly effective. I have been getting massage therapy from Paula for over a year now and am extremely pleased with the work she has done.

After thorough research, and I mean thorough, I finally found Paula!! I had needed a Massage Therapist who specialized in Lymph Drainage after lipo and bbl. She was wonderful and very compassionate in sessions. It is very important that you receive this particular type of service after any lipo, tt. Please do not go to ANY massage therapist. I researched thru various sites and they ALL state that Lymph Drainage by a specialist is what will reduce swelling during recovery and that's what Paula did for me.She helped me tremendously during my healing process. EXCELLENT and personable. Thank you so much.

I went to Paula instead of a medical doctor for pain in my neck and arm. Her professionalism and ability to give me relief was amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I recently had my first massage with Paula and and it won't be my last. I have had many massages over the years, but this was by far one of the best I have ever had. She is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable on clinical massage. I am so glad I took a chance and purchased the Groupon for this massage otherwise I may never found Paula and my neck and shoulders would be a mess. Thanks Paula!

Massages are my weakness. I am so, so glad I invested in this one. A friend recommended me to Paula and fore warned me about how great she is. I have to agree... She is the best. I too have a problem area where she concentrated on and I woke up this morning a little sore, but it is well worth it. I've gone to physical therapy and they cannot hold a candle to this wonderful lady. I had to let her know she was better than some of the therapy I had gone to. I can't wait to go back. God Bless you Paula.

I used a Groupon for my first visit with Paula, but I gladly would have paid full price (and will in the near future!) for the massage! I am a fan of massage andhave been for many different massage therapists in the past - Paula is the best by far and I won't be returning to anyone else but her. I highly recommend her!

Wow! I've been wanting to get a massage due to recurring pains from prior injuries but always seemed too busy. I finally broke down and bought a Groupon from Paula & it was the BEST bargain I've ever found! Paula is fantastic! Her techniques really alleviated my back & neck pain plus Paula gave me great suggestions for home pain management. I felt so good after my session with her. I simply drove home in silence: I didn't even want the radio to interrupt my great feeling! I will be a recurring client of Paula Sampson's & very happy to recommend her to others.

Paula is amazing. So professional, so caring and she truly knows her stuff. She asked questions and took the time to find out what my needs were. She is truly a deep tissue therapist. Listen to her about hydration after the session. I was pain free the next day. I feel great!