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An Introduction

Paula and family
Paula with her husband and two lovely daughters.

Hello, my name is Paula K. Sampson, and that's me and my awesome family to the left. I have been happily married to my husband since 1985 and we have two grown daughters (pictured on the left), who we are very proud of. They have all been extremely supportive of my passion and are always willing to be practice subjects. I began my massage journey in Northwest Ohio. As a wrestling coach’s wife and mother to two active daughters I was constantly surrounded by those that needed help with soreness or injury. There is where I grew a passion for massage. While working toward my Ohio certification, my husband was transferred to South Carolina where I completed school and earned my Nationally Board Certified License to practice Massage Therapy and my title as an L.M.T. I undergo all the required annual training necessary to retain my National Board Certification. Through out these many years, another move to Texas and then returning to Northwest Ohio, I have extensively practiced many techniques and earned several specialized certifications which have allowed me to find my true passion as an Integrated Massage Therapist. I am passionate about helping my clients relieve pain, improve range of motion, and improve the overall function of their body. My clients enjoy working with me because I can help them reach the achievement of a pain free day. Each client comes to me with different ailments and needs. No two massages are ever the same and no two visits are ever the same. I commit to my clients. I commit to my passion. Due to these commitments I further my education and training by attending at least two seminars every year. This is vital to providing the best for the people who seek my clinical experience and integrated approach.

I treat all my clients with respect and truly invest in their treatment. I hope my website has been informative, but if you have any questions please feel free to CONTACT ME! If you are a current client, I invite you view client reviews or to leave your own review of my services on my REVIEW PAGE. Thanks for visiting.

Building Exterior
The Exterior of My Studio.